Top 4 Benefits of Using Evaporative Cooling Systems in Perth

Page-3-Image-6Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home or office is a critical part of everyday life, particularly in Perth where sweltering summers can reduce even the hardiest of us to a sweaty mess. Sure, taking a quick dip in the pool or going for a swim at the beach is a great way to cool off, but when it comes to thermal control in your indoor spaces, there’s one clear winner: evaporative air conditioning.


A cooling system like no other, evaporative air conditioners are incredibly effective at regulating the temperature of your home or office and offer a number of key advantages over conventional cooling methods.


Not sure how evaporative air conditioners work? We’re here to help. Here at Advanced, we’ve been providing cooling and heating service solutions to the Perth community for more than 25 years and pride ourselves on our reputation as the best maintenance and repair company in the region. In this article, you’ll learn exactly how evaporative air conditioners work and why they are widely considered to be the superior choice when it comes to cooling systems in Perth.


How Does Evaporative Air Conditioning Work?


Before we dive into the inner workings of your evaporative air conditioning system, it’s important to understand what evaporation actually is and how this natural process has influenced the design of your cooling system.

In a nutshell, evaporation occurs when a substance in a liquid state is vaporised into a gaseous state, and is typically caused by changes in temperature and/or pressure.

Evaporative air conditioning systems in Perth work on the same principle and essentially use evaporation to bring down the temperature of the air in your room. While the exact mechanisms may differ slightly between models, the general operational process of an evaporative air conditioning unit looks something like this:


  • Pump circulates water to cooling pad: A pump pushes water from an internal water tank to the unit’s cooling pads.
  • Outdoor air enters the unit: A fan sucks in warm air from outside the air conditioning unit.
  • Air pass through cooling pad: The external air that has been sucked into the air passes through the cooling pad, where the heat is absorbed, thereby reducing the temperature of the air.
  • Cool air is expelled: The unit pushes out the cooled air, helping you maintain a comfortable room temperature.


To maximise your unit’s cooling potential, it’s vital that you have your evaporative air conditioning system in Perth regularly maintained by a professional service team. At Advanced in Perth, we offer a range of specialist maintenance and repair services that can help you keep your system’s fan, motor and cooling pads operating at full capacity.

Man and dog laying on a hammock enjoying the cool air indoors during the summertime

The Advantages of Using Evaporative Cooling

In today’s market, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to cooling products. With so many options available, why would you opt for evaporative cooling in your home or office?

Simply put, evaporative air conditioners offer a number of key benefits that other cooling systems can’t compete with. Here are four of the most notable advantages of evaporative air conditioners:


  1. Cost Effective


Cost isn’t necessarily the most important factor when selecting a cooling system, but chances are it will factor into your decision. If so, you’ll be pleased to know that evaporative cooling systems are very cost effective, particularly when compared to traditional air conditioning units.

Not only are they relatively inexpensive to install, you’ll also enjoy lower ongoing costs further down the line due to their low maintenance requirements. In addition, evaporative coolers are also more energy efficient, which can help keep your power bill under control while reducing your environmental impact.

Do note that evaporative air conditioners are most efficient when used in hot, dry climates, where the evaporation process can really shine. Perth meets both these requirements, making it an ideal region for this type of cooling system.


  1. Provides Greater Comfort


Traditional air conditioners typically work by removing moisture particles from the air. While this is a somewhat effective way of bringing down the temperature of a room, there’s no denying that it can create an excessively dry environment, which can often irritate the skin and eyes.

Evaporative air conditioners, on the other hand, actually produce moisture, providing a comfortable room temperature without putting your body under any unnecessary stress. To top it all off, evaporative cooling systems are much quieter than many traditional air conditioners. Install one in your bedroom, living room or office without fear of being awoken or disrupted by a noisy cooler.


  1. Better for the Environment


Australians are taking an increasingly proactive stance when it comes to climate change. If you’re concerned about your environmental impact, you’ll be relieved to learn that evaporative air conditioners are substantially better for the environment than conventional coolers thanks to the fact that they produce significantly lower levels of CO2.

As noted, evaporative cooling systems are also much less power hungry than regular air conditioners. This is important because although Australia is making progress in regard to adopting sustainable energy practices, the electricity sector is still responsible for about 70 percent of the country’s emissions. By opting for an evaporative air conditioner over a less energy-friendly alternative, you can help reduce our carbon footprint while saving on your power bill.

home being cooled by evaporative air cooler with windows open and sunlight entering the room


  1. Bring In the Fresh Air


Finally, one of the greatest advantages of evaporative cooling is that the process works best when air is circulating. What this means in practical terms is that you can open your doors and windows without impacting efficiency, unlike other cooling systems that only really work in confined spaces. This allows you to keep fresh air flowing throughout your home or office without increasing room temperature.

If you’re looking for the best evaporative air conditioning service team in Perth, you’ve come to the right place. Advanced in Perth fully equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and specialist expertise you need to keep your evaporative cooler running at full throttle for years to come. Contact us today to find out more.