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Drain pipes on your evaporative cooler are designed to take away waste water from pre-set dripping to a full flush either way it should never be restricted in any way. People often reduce the size to fit a garden hose to run the water some were else… DON’T DO THIS because if the hose gets blocked the cooler can’t replenish dirty / salty water with fresh clean water. Dirty water with a high salt count is highly corrosive to the components that make up the cooling system.

Well the answer to that is it may be an older evaporative cooler, back in the day coolers didn’t drain when finished… the only way to get fresh clean water into the cooler is to bleed some of down the drain older coolers would bleed of water when the pump is activated this is perfectly normal however always set to manufacturer specifications. If the cooler still drips an hour or so after the cooler is switched of there may be a problem – Call Advanced evaporative services and book a technician to service your cooler.

On a hot day, evaporative coolers can evaporate anywhere from 20 to 50 litres per day (If you run it for 24 hours a day)… The amount of water used for cleaning is insignificant but integral to the health of your cooler.

There are many reasons why an evaporative cooler doesn’t seem to work too well.
1) Adequate windows should be open to allow the flow of air – Air needs to get out as quick as its getting in if the flow is restricted in any way your home will get sticky and humid inside.
2) The evaporative cooler needs to be serviced annually and a technician can advise on the condition of the cooling medium, filters or pads whatever you call them, they might need changing.
3) The cooler maybe too old and undersized for your home new machines are generally 30 to 40% bigger in comparison to your machine.

There are two types of cooling medium straw pads and celdek. Straw pad can be hosed out but the celdek pads should not be hosed out. If you look closely you will see it’s made up of hundreds of paper elements and if you hold the pad up you can see through it. If you hose this pad the paper bends and restricts the air tubes (blocked or restricted pads will burn out the fan motor in no time) An Evaporative cooler that is working properly will channel the dirt to the bottom tray… Any mineral deposits in the pads can’t be hosed out any way you will half the life of your pads by hosing them down – Call advanced and let one of the boys give the love and care your cooler needs in the long run it will save you money. Straw pads last 2 to 4 years and celdek should last up to 10 years depending on water quality