Making Your Evaporative Cooler More Effective

An evaporative cooler is a great way to cool down your home on the hottest days. By evaporating water and blowing a cool mist, it creates a comfortable temperature in homes set in very hot, dry areas of the country. However, there are some reasons why evaporative air conditioning coolers, or swamp coolers as they are sometimes known, may not work as well as expected. If you aren’t getting the cooling effects you expect, then here are a few steps you can take to ensure your system is at its most effective, keeping your home cool and saving money on your energy bills.

Handyman servicing an evaporative air conditioning unit in perth

Create airflow

Because an evaporative cooler creates a light mist, the system needs sufficient airflow, with air getting out as quickly as it gets in. If you are using evaporative cooling in Perth, or any area that gets humid, then airflow is especially important, as trapped air can create humidity inside your home as well. Keep windows open on opposite sides of the house, creating a cross-breeze that’ll make your cooler more efficient.


Remove humidity

If you have too much humidity in the air, then even with proper airflow your evaporative cooler may not be cooling as efficiently as possible. In humid areas, it’s worth considering adding a dehumidifier, which can be placed near the intake for maximum effectiveness.



As with all appliances, regular servicing is essential to ensure you’re getting the most from your product. It’s important to get this done regularly, and not to wait until things go wrong. If you use evaporative air conditioning in Perth, then schedule your servicing with Advanced Evaporative and Heating, who will be able to:

  • Check for any build-up and clean parts such as the water pump
  • Check the fan speed and unit operations
  • Check the pads and wash or replace as necessary
  • Ensure the unit is cooling evenly
  • Give the unit an anti-bacterial treatment

This is just a small part of the annual service, where the whole system will be checked, so any potential issues can be identified. Once the service is done and issues resolved, you should notice an improvement in the operation of your evaporative cooler, and this can mean the system lasts for longer.


Getting the right unit

While an evaporative cooling system is designed to last for years, they will eventually become obsolete, and an older system can often be inefficient. With energy bills on the rise, it’s now more important than ever to use a modern and efficient system, and a new unit can save you money in the long term. Some units can also be inefficient as they are simply too small for space, so if you aren’t getting the temperature you want, then it’s worth getting the experts in to see if a bigger unit would be more suitable.

White evaporative cooler at the top of a roof on a sunny day


Get repairs done quickly

If you’ve noticed your evaporative cooler is inefficient, making noises or not working in any other way, then you should get it looked at right away. If repairs are carried out quickly, you can avoid further damage to the unit that can be expensive.


Check the pads and tank

One of the best ways you can improve the efficiency of an evaporative cooler is to check the pads. If they aren’t wet enough, then the cooler won’t work properly. Some older pads don’t absorb as much water, so consider using aspen wood rather than sponge pads to make the system more efficient. It’s also important to ensure there’s enough water in the tank at all times.


Add greenery to your home

Plants are natural de-humidifiers, and adding cacti and ferns to your home is a good way to remove humidity. This can help your evaporative cooler to function better and creates a calm, natural environment in your home.

There are lots of ways you can boost the performance of your evaporative cooler, making it more efficient and helping to cool your home. However, what’s most important is to have the right system for space. If you’ve moved into a home with an existing system, it’s worth getting it checked to ensure its suitability and to get it replaced if necessary. Regular servicing is also essential, which means your system will be checked over and cleaned, helping to make it more efficient and saving money in the long run. If your evaporative cooler isn’t working as well as you’d like, contact Advanced Evaporative and Heating in Perth on 1800 842 659 for expert advice.