Efficient, Affordable and Downright Cool: Introducing the CoolBreeze Air Conditioner

There are many evaporative air conditioning units available in Australia, but few have the features and reputation of CoolBreeze. This is an air conditioning system that was designed with Australian weather in mind, loaded with a range of unique features that give it a clear edge in terms of energy efficiency and overall cooling performance.
10year warranty

Unbeatable Warranty

CoolBreeze also offers a 10 years’ warranty on parts and labour. In addition, the CoolBreeze cabinet has a structural warranty of 25 years.

The Air Conditioning Advantage

Evaporative air conditioning units operate differently than reverse-cycle models. These units make use of a much more natural cooling model. Have you ever wondered why moving air feels cooler than still air – even if both are effectively the same temperature? This is what’s known as ‘effective temperature’, and it’s what allows a CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioner to cool you off without the use of a compressor.

In fact, evaporative air conditioners operate according to the same principles that are at work in a temperate forest or even by the sea. Fresh air in your room is drawn through heat-exchange filters that have been saturated with water. The evaporative process cools the air and generates a refreshing breeze in your home.

CoolBreeze Air Conditioners Are Surprisingly Efficient

One of the main draws of a CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioner is its reputation for efficiency. This unit features a direct-drive motor and unique fan system that give it a clear edge over the competition. Here’s an overview of how the cooling system works:

  • A reservoir holds the water needed to cool the air.
  • A pump circulates the water so that it saturates the heat-exchange filters.
  • A fan (run by an electric motor) draws fresh air through those heat-exchange filters.
  • The now-cooled air is pushed by the fan into ductwork and circulated through the house.

With the CoolBreeze system, there’s a surprisingly large volume of air circulating through the home. Everyone inside will enjoy cool and comfortable conditions with significantly less energy output thanks to this efficient, but effective cooling method.

Cleaner Water Means Fresher Air with CoolBreezePage-3-Image-6

Another attractive feature of CoolBreeze is its unique water management system. Water usage is central to how this unit operates, and the fact that its reservoir can only hold 11 litres of water at a time means the water it uses is always fresh.

CoolBreeze’s water management system actually pre-cleans the filter panels, which means the fresh air being drawn through them remains pristine. There’s also a counter-weight system at work that releases more water into the reservoir when needed. As a result, the reservoir is constantly refreshed without you ever having to lift a finger. It’s a fool-proof way to ensure that plenty of fresh, cleansing water is always on hand in the system.


Special Features Give CoolBreeze a Competitive Edge

There are several special features that set the CoolBreeze air conditioning unit apart. To begin with, it features a unique and highly powerful exhaust system that can remove unwanted air and odours from your home with the touch of a button. This function is available even when the cooling system is disengaged. In other words, you can switch on the CoolBreeze exhaust system in the dead of winter without exposing your interior to cooler, outside air.

This unit also a built-in weather seal to ensure there are no cool drafts to contend with during the winter. You don’t have to winterise it and there’s no seasonal maintenance to be done. Just switch it on when summer arrives and let it be during the winter. It really is as simple as that!

Cool Breeze LogoYou’ll Save Money with a CoolBreeze Evaporative Air Conditioner

From a property owner’s perspective, one of the most compelling reasons to install a CoolBreeze cooling system is the money you’ll save. The entire unit is likely to cost half of what you would pay for a standard reverse-cycle air conditioning system. Those are significant savings out the door and without even considering the energy savings.

But the cost of running a CoolBreeze system is what really makes the difference. Most households save upwards of 80 per cent on their energy bill compared to a standard air conditioner. You can keep your entire house cool without worrying about wasting energy cooling rooms that aren’t currently being used. Just switch it on and watch the mercury drop without fretting over the energy bill.

Let Advanced in Perth Install Your CoolBreeze System

If you can’t already tell, the team at Advanced in Perth are excited about the functionality, efficiency and environmental friendliness of the CoolBreeze evaporative air conditioner. We proudly stock CoolBreeze products, and we can also service your existing CoolBreeze system.

Whether you’re looking to make the switch to an environmentally friendly evaporative air conditioner or are simply looking for an expert for service and repairs, we can help. Contact us through our website or by calling us on (08) 6252 9184.